Aesthetics? Meet Ethics!

The history of western philosophy is a complex subject which takes 2-3 semesters of study at the undergrad level to cover in-depth. However, the pace of human knowledge is growing so rapidly in the 20th & 21st centuries that the academic environment is unable to keep pace with the blazing fast speed of software development.

That's cause for concern, because (almost) every field of study has branched off of philosophical musings and investigations in some way / shape / form. As they grow too large for the umbrella of philosophy to contain, they spin-off into their own field... it's happened with everything from science, to mathmatics, and even theology. At this point, the philosophers of [that field name] pick up the slack and continue to ask the important, difficult, prodding questions that underlie the work being done. Read More...

About the show:

Discussions about the design world and the ethics involved with research, design, and usability testing.

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Mark Davis (host)

UX Design Lead @ Blizzard (, A11y advocate, NN/g Certified, & Philosophy B.A. (c/o 2008)

Along with their Philosophy degree, Mark minored in creative writing and theology. He then went on to get a B.F.A in Communication Design and has worked at several big companies like Kohl's, American Family Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and Blizzard Entertainment.

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